What is a Commercial Remodel?

Commercial Remodeling is a cost effective way to take an existing Commercial Property updating or remodeling the building to suit the unique needs of your business. The alternatives would be moving locations, or new construction, both of which can be prohibitively expensive, as well as taking time and revenue away from your business, your employees, and potentially depriving your current and loyal clients of services.

Why Remodel?

Reputation & Trust is what we all look to build as businesses, do not let an aging facade, or an outdated and stained interior make your potential employees or customers think twice about patronizing your business. Your business represents your brand identity, affects your local community, and neighboring businesses. A remodeled & maintained property will remain a valuable asset & investment, attracting clients, employees, tenants, and investors alike.

Why choose C&C Construction and Management Company?

C&C Construction and Management Company is a Full Service General Contractor & Construction Company. We are licensed, insured, experienced, and equipped to handle your both small & large Commercial Remodeling projects. C&C Construction and Management Company will work closely with you and your business to assess, plan, and engineer your remodeling project. We will manage personnel to ensure safety & efficiency throughout your project, acquire permits, monitor scheduling & cash flow, handle communication, and provide you with detailed reporting.

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